6 Hidden Benefits of Green Energy


The use of green energy besides benefiting the environment through decreased emission of greenhouse gases bring about many other hidden economic and social benefits. This form of energy improves human health and creates employment opportunities that, in turn, enable people to lead decent lifestyles. So, we all should make an effort to utilize wind, geothermal or even solar energy

Green energy

1. Green energy jobs

Renewable energy is far much more labor intensive than conventional sources of energy and as such creates more job opportunities. That is why thousands of people are already working for companies that deal with renewable energy. Such people are involved in utility companies while others work for firms that manufacture parts for utilities, such as solar panels and wind turbines. If this form of energy were to be explored fully, authorities estimate that hundreds of thousands of new jobs will be required in ten years’ time to support the infrastructure.

2. Diversification of energy supplies

Green energy holds the key to over dependency of foreign energy sources for any particular country. Hydropower, for instance, can be a reliable source of locally produced energy that can be channeled directly into the power grid on any nation that imports power. The same applies to wind, geothermal and solar energy sources. The fact geothermal energy sources can be tapped and used to heat homes or even generate electricity means this renewable energy can be utilized all year long much to energy independence of the generating country.

3. Lowers healthcare costs

Water and air pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels causes breathing problems, cancers, heart attacks and a host of other severe health issues. So, by replacing non-renewable energy sources with green ones, you will effectively clean up water and air quality thus improving the overall health of your loved ones. The improved health, in turn, lowers healthcare costs.

4. Individual energy independence

By adopting green power like solar energy right on or even beside your house, you will essentially attain individual energy independence. However, one of the most motivating benefits of having your own green energy source is, you will never experience power blackouts that are typical to utility power. So, during winter, when everyone is having a hard time keeping their homes warm during blackouts, you are simply using green power to keep cool.

5. Economic benefits

With solar panels install in your home besides giving you an unwavering supply of energy all the year round, you can go a step further and supply any excess energy to the national grid and help out someone who would otherwise resort to a non-renewable energy source. The utility company may even pay you adding to your sources of income. The taxes that local authorities also levy on green power projects add to the national revenue.


6. Save money

Once you construct and set up green energy sources, there are minimal, if any, running costs. Consequently, you get to save a lot of money that would ordinarily go to the utility companies. Eventually, the sources will pay for themselves. Make sure you hire the services of a qualified professional to ensure everything is done right.


With the above benefits of green energy, you have every reason to utilize it at a personal level. You should also take an active role in encouraging everyone in the community to adopt the same. The overall effect is a widespread utilization of renewable energy much to the benefit of the environment as well as society.

Generating Electricity While Walking with Loads

Electricity is one of the most vital requirements of man. In earlier times, ages ago, there was no existence of electricity. Now, it is unimaginable to live life without the presence and use of electricity. The natural resources that are largely used to generate electricity are dwindling by the day. Therefore, there rose the need to find alternative sources to generate electricity. There are different methods that are applied for generating electricity. One of the recent ones that is being adopted by people from different countries is generating electricity while walking with loads.

Solar energy

What does it mean by generating electricity while walking with loads?

Many people are not even aware of this type of electric generation. The technological advancements of the world have made it possible to generate power as people walk over a certain area. When a person walks over a designated area, the pressure applied on the crystals which help to generate electricity. This is based on the principle of piezoelectricity which employs the use of mechanical pressure or stress.

How does it work?

When a person walks, his movement is similar to a pendulum working in an inverted manner wherein he extends his legs vertically and his hips form an arc of around 5 cm. When the same person move with a load on his back, then it will help in giving pressure to the area which will help in generating electricity. An increase in the amount of load on the back of the passersby will increase the amount of power generated from the whole mechanism.


Where can it be used?

The best idea of generating electricity while walking with loads is to get them designed at places where there is heavy footfall and are crowded. The common places are airports, stations, subways, etc. As more people will walk over the place, there will be greater amount of electricity that will be produced which will be beneficial for the people. This electric can be used to light up the public places where electricity is used in large amounts.

How can I make one?

It is possible to make your own setup for generating electricity while walking with loads. Follow the steps below and you will be able to successfully make it. The materials that are required to make your own electric generating mechanism are piezoelectric transducers that must be chosen as per the base area of any place. The next thing you need are 1N4148 diodes or something of similar kind which should be equal to the number of transducers. You would also need wires of black and red color. Enameled copper wires, utility knives, wire strippers, solder and soldering iron are also required. To make up the base, choose any hard material like cardboard.

When you have everything ready, solder enameled copper wires and diodes to the transducers and connect the wires parallel to the other transducers. The wires of the cathode of diodes should also be connected in a parallel manner. The black wire should be connected to the black wires of other transducers and the red ones must go to the diodes. Your next step would be to make the base of them. Cut the cardboard in right sizes so that the transducers fit on them aptly. When they are ready, place all of them on a large, single cardboard while ensuring that the wires are safe. Finally, place a decorative cardboard on top encouraging people to walk over it.  When you have followed the above mentioned process, you will be able to generate electricity while people walk over it.